We have thirty years of experience in the world of smoked products. Our vision is to work with the best raw material and offer it to the most demanding restaurateurs without artifice, so that the fish is the only protagonist. For this reason, from our beginnings we have been trained with the best Norwegian smokers, great heirs of this prehistoric culinary technique.

Our goal is to transform the best raw material from the sea into a gastronomic experience. 

New 500g Smoked Salmon Loin

New 500g Smoked Salmon Loin

At Reyes Varón, we are excited to announce the launch of our new 500g Smoked Salmon Loin, designed to meet the needs of restaurant professionals and distributors. This new format unifies our previous presentations of 300-400g and 700-900g loins, offering a more practical and convenient solution for gourmet dish preparation.

A Unified and Optimised Format

We have listened to our customers and simplified our offering with a loin of approximately 500g, ideal for a wide range of culinary applications. This size not only provides flexibility in dish preparation but also facilitates handling and storage in professional kitchens. Additionally, the packaging has been redesigned to enhance its presence and offer more convenient use, ensuring an optimal experience for chefs and kitchen staff.

For added convenience, our new 500g Smoked Salmon Loin comes with the skin already removed, reducing preparation and service time, allowing professionals to focus on the creativity and presentation of their dishes.

Commitment to Excellence and Quality

At Reyes Varón, our commitment to excellence and quality remains at the core of our work. We use the highest quality Norwegian salmon, and our exclusive smoking process ensures a distinctive aroma that elevates any culinary creation. Each loin is carefully hand-cut, guaranteeing a perfect texture and thickness for an impeccable presentation.

Innovation in Every Detail

“We are always looking for ways to innovate and improve our customers’ experience,” says Estefanía Dude, General Director of Ahumados Mediterráneos SL. “With the launch of our new 500g Smoked Salmon Loin, we have not only optimised our offerings but also improved the presentation and ease of use of our product. We are confident that this new format will be well received by chefs and culinary professionals, enhancing their creativity and efficiency in the kitchen.”

This new product is now available.