We have thirty years of experience in the world of smoked products. Our vision is to work with the best raw material and offer it to the most demanding restaurateurs without artifice, so that the fish is the only protagonist. For this reason, from our beginnings we have been trained with the best Norwegian smokers, great heirs of this prehistoric culinary technique.

Our goal is to transform the best raw material from the sea into a gastronomic experience. 

Reyes Varón in its purest form

Reyes Varón in its purest form

A few months ago we took a the path towards a change. We were looking for a renewed, identifying, sober and elegant image, which would adjust to the quality of our product and show the essence of Reyes Varón in its purest form.


To meet our objectives, we found essential the creation of a film through which to teach the great human team of the company and transmit the values that make us grow, progress and be who we are today.


For its creation, we were inspired by the deepest sea, the one that struggles to reach the shore with all its might, regardless of the challenges that lie ahead but also by one calmer and serene, a sea that transforms a fresh and natural product into the most exquisite culinary works.


Discover in the video the origin and treatment of the product. Meet Bernardo, Víctor, Concepción, Emilio, Esther, Luisa and Nino, part of the great professionals who make the smooth running of the company possible day after day. Transport yourself into a wild and authentic universe. Get to know us better: Reyes Varón in its purest form.