We have thirty years of experience in the world of smoked products. Our vision is to work with the best raw material and offer it to the most demanding restaurateurs without artifice, so that the fish is the only protagonist. For this reason, from our beginnings we have been trained with the best Norwegian smokers, great heirs of this prehistoric culinary technique.

Our goal is to transform the best raw material from the sea into a gastronomic experience. 

New smoked salmon tartars

Nuevos tartares de salmón

Our new smoked salmon tartars are a new proposal that we have launched with you in mind …  because at Reyes Varón we do not stop innovating, looking for ready-to-eat products.

The new smoked salmon tartars are presented in practical 80gr tubs and in two specialties: with mustard and with the aroma of white truffle.

The first, ideal for refreshing preparations, with the stimulating touch that mustard gives and its unmistakable umami flavor. The second, with an original aroma of white truffle, is an avant-garde option that will test the most demanding palates.

Two options created to make your work in the kitchen easier.